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Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital city. It is one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world frequented by tourists from across the globe. If you have come here to explore the tourist destinations or to clinch a business deal, you need a car at your disposal. Rent a car Islamabad is the number one car rental agency of the city. It will take care of your comfort and style during transportation while you are in the capital. we are the most loved rental agency in Islamabad because of our high quality services.

Get the car you need at lowest rates in Islamabad

Rent a car Islamabad makes available car of their choice to its customers promptly and efficiently. This is the reason they prefer our service over our competitors. We have a huge fleet of vehicles from the biggest automobile companies of the world. From small and fuel efficient cars to large SUV’s and vans with off road capabilities, we have cars of all kinds. We have all our customers covered no matter what their liking and requirement. Toyota Corolla Gli, Honda Civic, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Suzuki APV, Honda BRV, Mercedes, BMW, Limousine, are only some of the top selling cars at our disposal.

Rent a Car Islamabad Without Driver

If you are feeling confident about your driving skills, it is advisable to rent a car Islamabad without a driver. Roads of Islamabad are full of heavy traffic. You think you are a competent driver, you need not ask for a driver to save your hard earned money. Of course you need a valid Driving License to drive a car on your own across the streets of Islamabad.

Rent a Car Islamabad With Driver

We also provide well trained and highly courteous drivers to those customers who need someone to drive them around. If you are not feeling confident because of the heavy traffic, it is a good idea to ask a car along with driver from rent a car Islamabad. You pay a little extra money for this service but it is well worth the price. Our skilled drivers make sure that you move across the streets of Islamabad in a smooth and safe manner.

Easy Booking System

We have kept booking a car very simple and easy for the benefit of our customers. The car of your choice arrives at your doorstep within minutes of making a phone call. You can also avail our taxi service at Islamabad airport to pick you up and drop at your destination. Prompt and efficient response from us is one reason why most tourists and local customers prefer to go with us.

Airport Taxi Service from RCI Rent a Car

We provide pick and drop facility for those arriving at the airport as well as those who need to take a flight. Book a car of your choice and get inside it as soon as you come out of the airport. You can also book a car from Rent a Car Islamabad when you are flying out of the capital or need to see of your guests. Our cars are fully insured to keep you free from all worries in case of an accident.

Get The Car You Want

You cannot say with confidence that you will definitely get the car you specify from other car rental agencies. But you know this with certainty when you order a car of your choice with rent a car Islamabad. You get what you demand because for RCI Rent a Car, the customer is everything. Your wish is a command for us. Not only do you get the car model and make of your choice but also find it in top running condition. We get out cars regularly serviced to make sure they do not develop a snag on road.

Pick and Drop

Pick and drop feature of RCI Rent a Car is a very attractive proposition. If you have arrived at Islamabad International Airport, you always need a car to reach your destination. Just book a car of your choice and you will find it waiting for you outside the airport. You can also use this service to have a car at your home when you need to catch a flight out of Islamabad. Our pick and drop facility is loved by our clients because of our quick response time and efficient services.

Rent a Car Islamabad Airport

Islamabad International Airport is quite a distance away from Islamabad. Whether arriving at the airport or leaving out of it, you need a car at your disposal. There are many car rental agencies providing airport service but none is as quick and efficient as RCI Rent a Car. No matter where you are, get a car at your address within minutes to be picked up and dropped at the airport. Our pick and drop facility is available to you on a 7 days of the week on a 24X7 basis. This means you need not worry about missing a flight even if it is in the middle of the night.

Get Full Value for Your Money

RCI Rent a Car is the leader of the pack when it comes to car rental agencies operating in Islamabad. We not only maintain the largest fleet of cars but also charge the lowest rentals in town. We make sure that the customer gets full bang for his buck. Daily rent increases as the size and price of the car increase. But we do have weekly and monthly rental plans to compensate for this. You can always expect full value for your money when you book a car on rent from RCI Rent a Car.

Multiple Tariff Plans

RCI Rent a Car is the only car rental agency operating in Islamabad that cares for the hard earned money of the customer. We charge the lowest rentals in town. RCI also helps a client further save his money by suggesting a plan that is perfect according to his requirements. We work in the financial interest of your customers. This is the reason why our customers have full faith and trust in our services.

Lowest Price in Town

Rent a car Islamabad came into existence with the aim to provide cars on rent to people at the most affordable rates. It was our dream to give the feeling of comfort and style to the common man at prices he can afford. This is the reason why we have kept our prices down to earth. Profit is not our sole motive. We want to give the best value for money to our customers. Our motto is satisfaction to our customers even if it takes something extra from us in the form of effort.


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