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Toyota Corolla 2016

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Welcome To RCI Motors Rent a Car Services

Why Choose Us

RCI Motors Rent a Car Islamabad is the most popular and also most loved car rental agency in the whole of Pakistan. We make sure that you are able to move across the streets of Islamabad in total comfort and style. We have the largest fleet of well maintained cars. Just let us know your choice and that car is pressed into your service at the most affordable rates. Clients love our efficient and high quality services that are provided at very competitive prices.

There are many car rental agencies operating in Islamabad but the name of RCI motors Islamabad ranks at the top. Our customers know that they will always get a car of their choice in top running condition from us. They also know that we provide high quality professional services that are customer friendly. You can rest assured that our car will never develop a snag to leave you high and dry on the roadside. We ensure this by servicing our cars on a regular basis. Whether you are a local or a tourist coming over to Islamabad, you will love our services. We maintain the same standards of quality that we have become famous for.
We provide cars with and without drivers to customers on demand at very affordable prices. What RCI Motors Islamabad does is self evident. But what our name does not tell is the fact we have the largest fleet of world class cars at our disposal. From Toyota to Honda and from Suzuki to Ford, just name the car and the make and we have it for you. We have many options for the client depending upon his requirements. Whether he desirous a small, fuel efficient car or wishes full comfort, we have a car just right for him.

RCI Motors has a solution for conveyance needs of the customer that is not just smart but also within his budget.

The company works hard to make sure that it provides high quality services to its customers. RCI Motors Islamabad has the vision to one day become the number one car rental agency in entire Pakistan. We have a strong desire to differentiate ourselves from other car rental agencies through our professionalism and friendly services.
Customer satisfaction is one aspect where we have established ourselves as the undisputed leader. We take pride in the fact that our prices are most affordable despite maintaining high quality. It is not just our pricing but also the quality of service and efficiency that sets us apart from our competitors. We walk the extra mile to make sure that customer gets full satisfaction from his dealing with us.

We have kept car booking with RCI Motors Islamabad very easy. You can get a car of your choice within minutes irrespective of your location in Islamabad. In fact, you can avail our service by booking online even before setting a foot in Islamabad. You will find a car of your choice waiting to pick you up at Islamabad Airport.

Salient features of RCI Motors

  • Huge fleet of well maintained cars
  • Cars from all major automobile companies
  • High quality, efficient services
  • Quick response time
  • Pick up and drop from airport
  • Affordable rental plans
  • Insured cars and drivers
  • Booking system that is easy and simple